Some Misconceptions about Scuba Diving

Sometimes you wish to enjoy and experience the hobby of scuba diving. Who doesn’t? However, beginners usually are apprehensive in trying the hobby because of the things that they hear about it. If you are one of these, know that scuba diving may look complicated and difficult to try out, but technically it isn’t. Below is a list of the common misconceptions that people say about scuba diving.


Fear of Getting Eaten by Sharks

Studies and statistics reveal that life-threatening encounters with sharks are rare. That is why it’s not good to believe everything you see on the silver screen (the movie Jaws comes to mind). Not all parts of the ocean are inhabited by sharks and even if you are going to encounter them, they typically swim away from you. If you don’t provoke them, chances are, they will just glide by, unperturbed by your presence.

Scuba diving fact: Seeing sharks up close is a beautiful experience. Scuba divers who go to places like Australia and the Bahamas go cage diving. With cage diving, they are able to see the sharks up close without the worries of getting harmed by these undersea apex predators.

It Is an Expensive Hobby

Don’t be intimidated by all the scuba diving gear needed. It may look expensive but there are some reliable brands that offer cost-effective models for greenhorns. You can buy these and then once you get the hang of the hobby, you can then opt to buy the more expensive gear.

Tip: Consider visiting your local dive shop for affordable scuba gear recommendations and upgrades.

“I Can’t Swim”

Everybody needs to start somewhere. If you really are interested in scuba diving, then the fear of not being able to swim should not be made as an excuse. Contact your dive store to help you find professional divers who can not only teach you how to swim, but can also help you get started in exploring the wonderful underwater world.

Only People near the Ocean or in the Tropics Can Enjoy It

Just because you are far away from great scuba diving destinations doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the hobby. One of the great things about scuba diving is that you get to enjoy traveling to places and explore. You are not only enjoying the land travel but you will also enjoy seeing a plethora of marine wonders.